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The greatest tournament a golfer can win is, arguably, the United States Open. It’s the one everyone wants to win before their career ends. Arnie only won one. Sam Snead never won it, and was one of the things he was most known for. Nor did Davis Love III, or Fred Couples, or Colin Montgomerie, or Tom Lehman, or Phil Mickelson, or many other top tier players. It’s the golf standard of major tournaments, the Holy Grail of Golf, so to speak. Why this is so has to do with the toughness of the layout. No other tournament venue is laid out as diabolically as the U.S. Open. The fairways are as narrow as an alleyway in Boston. The rough is as long and tough as the bristles on a witches’ broom. And the greens are as slick and nasty as a back road in an ice storm. U.S. Open venues are long, brutish, and intimidating–the ultimate test of golf.

Now there have been one shot wonders, for sure. Steve Jones comes to mind. ¬†And Michael Campbell. And, of course, the club pro who beat Hogan in ’56, Jack Fleck. But, for the most part, Open winners over the years have been top tier players including Nicklaus, Player, Trevino, Miller, Irwin, Stewart, Furyk, Woods, Floyd, Kite, Palmer, Littler, Nelson, Hogan, Sarazen, Hagan, and perhaps the greatest of them all, Bobby Jones. These were players who could read a golf course, take control of it, and in rare instances, take it apart (witness Woods at Pebble in 2000). Well, another has joined the elite pack, a European who plays with heart, courage, and (more…)

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