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Four months ago I took on a demanding, full time job (after losing a higher paying part time job to budget cuts), changing my life dramatically, including my golfing life. I no longer had the time or energy to practice as much as I had been. And a strange thing happened. I started hitting the ball more solidly and scoring better when I played, which was also much less than before. With practice, I tend to get very technical and mechanical, losing the natural feel and flow of my swing, ignoring that basic connection of my hands–those sensitive hands and fingers that virtually define us as human beings–on the grip. The hands send millions of signals to the brain which in turn sends commands to the body to act in specific ways. And at some point, we must give that communication free expression. Sure, there’s a place for lessons and practice but if you get too mechanical, you risk losing that aspect of the game that relies on what we already know, but needs us to get out of our own way to see.

We practice to gain some sense of control over this impossible game. (more…)

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