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As with the previously mentioned monkey traps of South America, where monkeys trap themselves by holding on to the food in a simple gourd hung from a tree, only having to let go the food and go free, many golfers are like those monkeys and hold on too tight to the club, from address on through the critical impact zone. By clutching the grip like a splitting maul, tension builds up throughout the swing, and when the first significant resistance is encountered, at impact, the likelihood of letting go the club is great.

Tension is the archenemy of the golf swing, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. And tension starts with the grip. The hands are so sensitive that they translate any tension generated by the above factors. And that translation is usually one of tightness. We think the tighter the better, but golf is often counter-intuitive. Unfortunately most instructors emphasize holding the club tightly with the last three fingers of the non-dominant hand. The brain often interprets that as a kind of death grip that also affects the other fingers. And it’s there we monkeys are caught in the trap of no return. For with a grip of such intensity, there’s only one way to go: (more…)

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It may be an oxymoron linking enlightenment and golf, but the game is so wedded to success and failure, that it is the perfect venue to practice and train in the great art of total freedom. In the blink of a flubbed chip, you are challenged to either accept reality and move on with grace or stew in that reality and let it drag you into the ashes. In that chip, you are left exposed, your emotions laid bare for your playing partners to see. There is usually a deep silence after such a disastrous shot, a silence that almost resonates through the cosmos. The black hole of the flubbed chip, sucking all into its vortex. Beings light years away turn their heads towards that silence, noticing the faint gasp of pain uttered by its source. Pain, suffering, discontent, the skulled or chili dipped chip, in that moment, hits the chipper like the Big Bang in its moment. How you react is a measure of your level of enlightenment. In fact it may be the closest human beings come to knowing what the Big Bang felt like, and (more…)

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