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I’m not much of a dancer, but when I get out on the dance floor with my wife, I depend less on technique and mostly on my rhythm to get by. My parents on the other hand were champion ballroom dancers, employing both technique and rhythm to win titles (they were fine musicians too–my mother, a great pianist and singer, and my father, a percussionist who could even find rhythm in a washboard). In golf, technique is essential, but good rhythm seals the deal. And keeping good rhythm as the round progresses is one of the hardest elements of the game to maintain. The reason it’s tough is that rhythm is affected by so many subtle things. There are the external elements like wind, heat, cold, rain, mud, and the big bomber gorilla you’re playing with. And there are the internal factors like concentration, focus, presentness, pain, and the rent check you forgot to send off. Of course good technique is vital, but without good rhythm, good technique alone won’t cut it. And with good rhythm, bad technique won’t either. For technique, see a PGA pro or buy a good app for your smart phone. For rhythm, pick the club you’re most comfortable with, (more…)

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You’ve heard it said time after time by touring pros: I just have to be patient, when asked what they’re plan is for the upcoming round. But what exactly does that mean, especially in a society where few people seem to know what it means to be patient?  How many patient drivers have you seen lately? How many patient fans have you seen at the ballpark? Who’s patient at the DMV? And what about the foursome behind you? Were they patient when you last checked?

It is no easy thing to be patient. It has long been a virtue, as Emerson wrote in the mid 19th century,”Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience”.* I learned about patience on Buddhist retreats, (more…)

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