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The human mind is unique in nature. The brain can be compared to other species, can be analyzed, tested, inspected, preserved and bottled. But the mind…well, what in the samhill is it? You can’t see it, hold it, test it, or even know it that well. But in golf, we get to experience it almost every time we address the ball. And at this U.S. Open at Pebble Beach we can almost catch a glimpse of the minds of every participant. “I’ve played this event where I’ve been very tense and other times I’ve been quite calm,” said Ernie Els after round 2. “And all I can say is that the times that I’ve been tense, my game wasn’t quite there. And there’s so much trouble that you’ve got to stop thinking about it. This week, I’m feeling all right.” ┬áThat’s Ernie revealing his mind in a way you’ll never hear Tiger reveal his. But Tiger does reveal his mind in his body language and coarse language (more…)

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