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Back in the day before The Day, we didn’t have GPS devices or rangefinders to estimate the distance of our next shot. At best we had some yardage markers, but at the muni I learned the game on in Philly, even those were few and, literally, far between. We had to use experience, mostly, and our memories to pick the right club for the approach, or to choose driver or three wood if Cobbs Creek was within reach. A lot of times we were wrong, but much of the time we got it right with our blades and persimmon heads and steel shafts and wrapped leather grips and a ball that soon had more smiles than a beauty queen. It was a badge of honor to look at an approach shot and land it pin high. All in the foursome knew what it took to accomplish that feat. As a caddie in my teens at a private club, I had to know something about distances when I handed my man a club and went on to fore-caddie (we made four bucks a bag back then, and carried double).

Today, it’s a different story–a much different story. We’ve got GPS devices that give distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, water hazards, bunkers, and what it takes to reach and carry them; rangefinders that give exact yardage (more…)

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