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Simply said, golf is a hard game because of expectations and what happens inside us when expectations are not fulfilled. The other day I went out with the expectation of doing well, of maybe breaking 80, as I had done last August for the first time in many years. I had gone to the range and practice area the day before and the tee to green swing seemed sharp, the chipping was solid, and I was striking the sweet spot on the putter blade. My foursome wimped out on me, so I went out alone the next day, met some great guys at the course, and started my quest. It was about as perfect a day for golf as there could be. ┬áThe first hole saw a so-so drive, but the next shot was a perfect 5 hybrid from the rough, to 12 feet above the hole. Missed the putt but an opening par was just what I needed to rev up my expectation engine. I’ll spare you all the details, but I went three over for the next three holes, and a leak developed in my goal-for-the-day fuel tank. I was getting seriously demoralized, especially after chili dipping (more…)

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