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This year’s Masters lived up to promise, yet with different contenders than predicted. Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen were on no one’s radar, and I mean no one’s. My ears picked up not one Golf Channel pundit uttering either name. Bubba Watson! Are you kidding me? I cringe every time I see him swing. I really do. The swing looks like a cat getting a bath. The guy has more club head rotation than a boomerang. He falls backwards as his front foot slips out to the right. He passes parallel almost as much as John Daly, but without the lovely rhythm and form of JD. The sound of his shots, at least from my limited auditory perspective on TV, is more a clunk or a clank than a click. And Bubba, when in contention, has more nervous ticks than a kipper has bones as he prances, twitching down the fairway. But damn, if Bubba Watson didn’t win the 76th Masters.

The man can curve a golf ball, can’t he. From a driver to a wedge, he can hook or slice, fade or draw, a ball at will. The wedge is the most remarkable. Nobody curves and carves a wedge like Bubba. You really shouldn’t be able to hook a wedge, but Bubba can. You really shouldn’t be able to slice a 6-iron 40 yards around a tree to the green, but Bubba can. You really shouldn’t be able to hit a 9-iron under a tree (more…)

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What I like about the Ryder Cup is that I see no endorsements on the clothing or bags of the players. There are no walking billboards out there. To tell the truth, I don’t give a damn who wins. Sure, I favor the U.S., but Tiger Woods has lost me as Bill Clinton did, Phil and Bubba are train wrecks in waiting, Stuart Cink robbed Tom Watson of The Open, Zack Johnson thinks Jesus gives a damn about his golf game, and Cory Pavin could stand to smile and shout a lot more. I like Ricky Fowler but he’s turning into an underachiever. As for the Euros, I’d like to see them lose, but I very much like (more…)

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