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One of my favorite courses, Adobe Creek in Petaluma, recently went ┬ábelly up bankrupt, and I understand that’s a trend throughout the country. It was a Robert Trent Jones Jr. design that was thoughtfully laid out, and drained rain like a bathtub. This consummately playable course is now lying fallow. Sad to see. Golf courses are forms of art, as buildings and gardens are forms of art. You can tell when care went into the design of a golf course. The course itself is a living thing, shaped by the designer’s eye ,hand, and┬áspirit. You have to have a feel for the land, a feeling for its essence. The land can’t be bullied, or grossly bulldozed. The land prescribes the course. The course is within the land as a sculpture is already inside the block of marble in the hands of a master.

A golf course is a combination of form and function, choreographed into art with a purpose. And that purpose is threefold: (more…)

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