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The words Human Growth Hormone are key to this question. If I used the word steroids, it would be much more confusing and confounding. A growth hormone is a steroid but it is so much more descriptive of what it does to the body. A growth hormone causes the body to grow, i.e. muscles and musculature. For athletes in the 21st century, the prospect of growing muscle mass is tempting, offering the possibility of hitting whatever ball they’re hitting farther with more record shattering results, which is exactly what happened with the likes of Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire.

As for golf, the same temptations lure the ambitious player, and, arguably, no player in the history of golf has been more ambitious than Tiger Woods. When Woods turned pro in 1996, (more…)

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In winning the 2011 U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy broke 12 records, the most significant of which was the number of strokes he took to do it: 268. The previous best: 272 by Jack Nicklaus. That is a monumental achievement. And this is the most endearing character in golf since Wee Bobby Jones. This man has talent, guts, and class. He looks the camera in the eye and answers whatever question put before him with honesty, sincerity, and wit. He is truly the real deal.

I expect he will win a fair share of majors. Is he the next Tiger Woods? No. He is Rory McIlroy, a man of much more integrity than Woods. Not only did Woods fail off the course, I suspect he used steroids to accomplish his feats on the course. Rory will have none of that nor any suspicion of that. This lad from Northern Ireland just loves golf, and shows it (more…)

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