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First, let’s be clear about something: Rickie Fowler is doing absolutely great, so far, in his initial season as a touring pro. Regardless of some of the pinheaded pundits, his lay up on the par 5, 15th hole in Phoenix was a sign of maturity and level headedness. I like that he made a decision that few expected. He plays his own game. And he does play to win. His strategy was just different, though quite reasonable under the circumstances. There is no more demanding game than tournament golf. Even we amateurs face many tough decisions during a round of golf. What we decide for any given shot is dependent on many inner and outer considerations. I’ve gone over some of these in previous posts, and you’ve all experienced these many factors. Hunter Mahan didn’t make better decisions than Rickie: He sank more putts down the home stretch.

Fowler has the mental makeup to be a winner, and he will be. It took Ben Hogan two years to win his first pro tournament, and no one had a better golf mind than the Hawk. Fowler makes decisions quickly and he performs effectively. He’s been compared to Lanny Wadkins, but I would more compare him with Arnold Palmer. And here’s why. (more…)

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