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Four years ago, alpine skier, Bode Miller, was a goat in the public eye. He came up winless in the Olympics after high expectations. This year, at Vancouver, Miller is a hero, already winning a gold, silver, and a bronze . The catch is, Bode doesn’t give a damn either way. He skis 100 percent, regardless of results, not competing for medals or accolades, but for the fun of the sport. He skis in and for the moment, with abandon, and caring not for what people think of him. He is a true Zen athlete, a pure athlete, who despite many injuries and falls, gets up and tries again, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. I commend Bode Miller for having the courage for being his own man in the face of stinging public opinion. He is not a role model for kids, nor does he try to live up to others expectations, nor does he hold back in competition. He’s been called crazy, reckless, selfish, irresponsible, and immature. And, yes, in all probability, he has been all of those. Yet, Bode Miller is his own man, living his own life. Maybe fatherhood has changed him, or marriage, or renewed dedication to his teammates and country. He defies American values of the “winning a medal or you’re nothing” approach, enhancing his public image, acting like a man, and such nonsense. He has courage, both as an athlete, and as a human being. After his winning run in the Combined Super G, he said, “I came out of the gate ready or risk it all. It feels great to have that freedom. I’m free to ski right now. The way I ski is without regard for consequence. If you can do that in these big Games, you get rewarded.”

In golf, we’ve seen similar examples of professionals who get up and try again. The penultimate golfer was Bobby Jones, who overcame anger issues early (more…)

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