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Phil Mickelson is struggling some this year. Without Tiger on the card up to now, he should have won a couple, leaving the spotlight to Ernie Els. Both his driving and putting are off, the double dip death for the touring pro. What’s going on?

Golf is an extraordinary game. One stray thought that enters the mind while swinging interrupts the flow and throws off the timing, usually ruining any chance of hitting the kind of shots needed to win tournaments. Phil’s wife, Amy, is being treated for cancer and therein lies the answer to the conundrum. She is on his mind and his heart. He’s worried and concerned, ¬†and can’t concentrate fully on his golf. You can see it in his face, his posture, his demeanor. He is bravely putting on a good show but his swing is just a bit loose, his putting stroke a bit hesitant, his moxie a bit lacking. It all sort of came to a head yesterday when his drive landed in a bush, (more…)

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