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I was over at my friendly neighborhood driving range the other day, and noticed something revealing about most amateur golfers. Most bend their forward arms in all the wrong places compared to the pros. Of course, it got me to wondering why this is. As Oscar Langman, the driving range pro in Philly who taught me how to play in 1960, emphasized, the forward arm is key to maintaining a measured swing, delivering the clubhead back at impact to the same spot at address. Without it, there is not much possibility of keeping the ball in position, hitting it far, and particularly hitting it high. Mostly, you’ll slice, pull, scoop, or top it. I know: the older I get, the more that arm bends somewhere in the back or forward swings. We’ve even given it an Oh-so special identifying tag: the chicken wing.

No need to believe me on this. Here’s what the Hawk himself, Ben Hogan, had to write on the matter, particularly in relation to the shoulder turn on the backswing: (more…)

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