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The golf swing is essentially a whipping motion, and in order to maximize the whip, the shaft has to be right for you. I found this out recently during a swing analysis when I discovered that a senior shaft was ideal for me. The computer screen was showing 20-30 extra yards straight down the middle. For the price of new shaft (fifty bucks installed at my local golf repair shop), I could radically change my game. All I had to do was get over my reluctance to admit that I needed a senior flex. No small hurdle, that one. In fact, along with using white or senior tees, it’s probably the biggest hurdle in lowering one’s scores. And it’s nothing other than a thought, a perception, a view. Men have a tougher time getting older than women, I think. But golf equipment allows us to flow with the years, if we have the wisdom to accept and change. I took that club out to the range and I could see right away the ball was flying farther and straighter. Then I took it out to the course, and, sure enough, I was hitting one or two clubs less into greens. I was driving the ball about 220-230 instead of my usual 200-210. What a difference. And a whole lot more fun. And a better score by several strokes. A faster swing speed? Perhaps. But only because of the increased whip in the shaft. I haven’t gotten stronger, nor do I consciously swing the club any faster.

The whippier shaft does help me load up more efficiently. It increases my lag, and gives me just a split second more (more…)

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I enjoy watching Mad Men, the AMC series based on the advertising world of the early 60s. It gives an inside look into an industry that is designed to manipulate people into desiring something then buying it. The ad men and women are working hard today to do the same thing in the golf club business. I started playing golf at that time, back in the day when everyone played blade irons and persimmon drivers with 200 cc heads. You’ve heard of the expression still used today: “Hit it on the screws.” Well there actually were screws on the clubfaces in those days! Bobby Jones was so accurate and hit it so hard he had to replace the screws on his driver face (more…)

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Doing a jigsaw puzzle can take a long time with many pieces to fit together. Such is the swing that motors the drive, and most all the other shots in golf. I’ve studied many books, apps, DVDs, and uTube videos on the subject. I’ve observed the swings of PGA pros on tour, Tivo-ing tournaments and watching in slow motion. I’ve tuned into dozens of instructional shows on the Golf Channel. I’ve spent hundreds on lessons. And I’ve devoured countless tips from golf magazines and online. And yet the jigsaw puzzle of driving a golf ball, for me, remained unsolved…until now.

The three main elements of the puzzle involve distance, accuracy, and (more…)

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