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Honestly, I don’t know much about swing planes. Recently I saw Michael Breed on Golf Channel devote his show on the subject and my head started hurting. The subject baffles me. I know if my address and posture are right, I will swing on plane. And if the results are good, i.e. accurate and solid, I again have an indicator I was swinging on plane. We need these indicators for you can’t see or feel if you’re on plane. It’s all happening too fast. And golf is more a game of feel than technique. I know all the teaching pros will be angry at me for saying this, but the game is being made too daunting for most people to stomach, hence the marked decrease of players nationwide. The number of golfers in the U.S. has dropped by about 3 million since 2005, totaling now a bit over 27 million. And the National Golf Foundation,¬†which represents 4,000 courses nationwide, states that the golf industry “has lost 100 clubs a year for the past four years.”

There are many reasons for these distressing trends, (more…)

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Most of us have been there. I have. I mean where John was that moment he told the Golf Channel he was done with golf. The game gets under your skin sometimes and then the rash starts. And the more you scratch, the worse it gets. You go to the range and you have a pretty good session. Then you go again and you think you’ve got something figured out. Then you chip and you go, “Wait a minute here. I think I really found something.” Then on to the putting green and you drop everything you see. Then to the course…I said, then to the course…How the *#&/@k can I shoot 92 after practice sessions like those? “God Bless my mother,” in the immortal words of Charles Barkley. “I can’t compete,”JD continued to lament in that same GC interview.

Actually, I was there yesterday, after following a respectable drive with a six-iron to the 15th green that would’ve lost a wrestling match with a flea. (more…)

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