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Two things connect you to the club: the hands and the head. One thing connects the hands and the head: the heart. To play this game you need feel, which comes from the hands, focus which comes from the head, and passion which comes from the heart. ┬áTake away any one, and most likely you’re not enjoying the game. Like a bad marriage, you’re just going through the motions. It’s probably a game you should give up and take the clubs to Goodwill, or play once a year so you can still say you play but have a great excuse for why you play so badly or only whack balls at the range so you can use the game for therapy.

The hands are your only connection to the club. Take ahold of a club, any club. Feel the grip, its texture, its lines. Notice its girth, how it tapers, how it telegraphs its subtle messages. Manipulate the club by holding it firmly and turning it all which way. Whichever way your hands go, (more…)

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Lately, it’s been raining a lot in northern California. It’s cold too. And it’s the busy holiday season. And to top it off, I’ve caught a nasty cold. So I can’t even sneak a half day in to play nine, or even go the range. Of course, there are people worse off than I, like my brother in Philadelphia who has to hang up his clubs every winter and tough it out till spring. When I was a kid in Philly, I’d put three sweatshirts on and go out and play on frozen ground, hitting the ball a mile after it hit the ground. I was obsessed with golf, and when you’re 15 nothing will stop you from playing, except maybe a blizzard. So what’s a golfer to do? Watch the Golf Channel? Watch tournaments from South Africa? Pretend you’re buying a club and hit balls into a net at the store? Buy every app you can find on golf instruction? Well, sure. But there’s more and better ways to improve your game when you can’t play.

One of my favorites is (more…)

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