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Lately, it’s been raining a lot in northern California. It’s cold too. And it’s the busy holiday season. And to top it off, I’ve caught a nasty cold. So I can’t even sneak a half day in to play nine, or even go the range. Of course, there are people worse off than I, like my brother in Philadelphia who has to hang up his clubs every winter and tough it out till spring. When I was a kid in Philly, I’d put three sweatshirts on and go out and play on frozen ground, hitting the ball a mile after it hit the ground. I was obsessed with golf, and when you’re 15 nothing will stop you from playing, except maybe a blizzard. So what’s a golfer to do? Watch the Golf Channel? Watch tournaments from South Africa? Pretend you’re buying a club and hit balls into a net at the store? Buy every app you can find on golf instruction? Well, sure. But there’s more and better ways to improve your game when you can’t play.

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I have struggled with the driver since I took up the game as a teenager many years ago. I never really learned how to control the longest club in the bag. I envied the number one player on my high school team, Henry Leon, for his driving ability. Henry was a fine all around player and his driving was most ¬†impressive. A thin, wiry fellow, who had a Ben Hogan quality to him, Henry bristled with confidence, trusting his swing would set him up well to par or birdie any given hole. I, on the other hand, never really trusted my tee ball swing, having to count on decent iron play and superior chipping and putting to land me the number 2 spot on the team and score consistently in the high 70s, low 80s. I was a good athlete but for some reason could not square up that persimmon head at impact. And today, I’m still struggling. I have my good days (like when I shot my recent 77), but most often my driving is inconsistent and unpredictable. And driving, I believe, is the most important key to playing successful and satisfying golf. Driving is what makes golf a sport and not (more…)

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